From Simple threads, magical
reams of clothing roll outFrom humble beginnings,
a white Ramarajayam emerges

Birth of Ramrajyam

A cloth is woven not just with a thread. It is woven with culture, a sense of tradition. Imagination, sun and rain many such features goes into the weave. From dressing Gods to spinning khadi, on the wheel for personal wear during the freedom struggle, our traditional clothes represents the Indian way of life. Only because of the strength of this tradition have we made a success story 
out of selling the humble dhoti even in this modern era…

Ramraj Cotton was founded at Avinashi, by entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. K.R.Nagarajan. The company was started with single, unwavering vision – to deliver quality men’s ethnic wear to people in the southern states.

Ramraj Cotton started out small in the year 1983. With very limited resources and very little financial leverage, Mr. K.R. Nagarajan founded the company on big dreams and huge aspirations.

With several years of marketing experience to back him, Mr. K.R. Nagarajan understood one simple success mantra – the power of branding. He understood that if his product has to stand out, people need to identify it by a brand name. That’s how the brand Ramraj was born. (Ramraj incidentally , is a combination of two names – Founder Mr. K. R. Nagarajan and his father Mr. Ramaswamy).

The company’s mantra of ‘quality without compromise’ was the driving force behind its astounding success, even during those early years. Slowly but surely, the company made definite inroads into the South Indian market.

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Ramraj cotton is one of the India's largest Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cotton,Silk and Linen Shirts and Dhotis and Inner wears for Men and Kids. Saree , Leggings and Inner wear for women. We also do Towel, Hand-kerchiefs,T-shirts, Bed Spreads ,Hammock.We specialize in pure white Shirts and Dhotis! Ramraj Cotton was established in 1983, engaged in business with Indian and International markets for giving quality and valuable products to the Indian lifestyle.