From Simple threads, magical
reams of clothing roll outFrom humble beginnings,
a white Ramarajayam emerges

Founder & Visionary

A new dawn brightens up the clear blue skies. History is created yet again through meticulous labor, discipline and dedication. A sleepy little town called Avinashi becomes a swashbuckling center of excellence. You wonder ? It’s all because of one driven man and his tireless mission – To spin magical success through hard work, determination and raw ambition. Yes… Mr.K.R. Nagarajan has been there and done it all. He has single handedly driven Ramraj Cotton to the heights of success, he has done it with simplicity, humility and confidence.

Mr. K.R. Nagarajan made a foray into the textile industry, Tirupur was hailed as the ‘dollar city’ and an undisputed business center. Mr. K .R. Nagarajan chose the road less traveled. He chose Avinashi to start building his dhoti empire.His focus was not on hefty bottom line but on progress and growth for the poor village weaver. Eighteen years of networking with dealers across the length and breadth of South India have ensured Ramraj’s leadership in this part of the world. Today, Ramraj spins dhotis,safeguarding the environment and providing employment opportunities for thousands of people across Tamilnadu.

In Keeping with the ideology of the great thinker Vadathri Maharishi who said, “Deeds done with a sense of his responsibilities give life to human society.Each person realizes his responsibilities and works tirelessly in his chosen vocation, the whole of humanity benefits.” Ramraj Cotton, too is dedicated to serving humanity by doing its bit for the society.

Look forth at any tree. You see the pretty leaves and the beautiful flowers. You see the strong branches and the fresh fruits. But do you see the life force of the tree? No… That stays hidden deep down in the ground as the roots. Likewise Ramraj spins tradition into pristine dhotis. But its real story lies hidden in these pages, Strong and resilient the roots of a tree. Go ahead, take a peek into the world of Ramraj… Vazhga Vaiyagam, Vazhga Valamudan
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Ramraj cotton is one of the India's largest Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cotton,Silk and Linen Shirts and Dhotis and Inner wears for Men and Kids. Saree , Leggings and Inner wear for women. We also do Towel, Hand-kerchiefs,T-shirts, Bed Spreads ,Hammock.We specialize in pure white Shirts and Dhotis! Ramraj Cotton was established in 1983, engaged in business with Indian and International markets for giving quality and valuable products to the Indian lifestyle.