From Simple threads, magical
reams of clothing roll outFrom humble beginnings,
a white Ramarajayam emerges


Accolades have always been a part of the Ramraj journey. The company’s commitment to quality , passion for excellence has been appreciated across several frontiers.

In a short span of time, Ramraj Cotton has reached great heights. The company has created several firsts. Such as being the first company to brand dhoti, being the first company to advertise dhoti across different media , being a market leader in dhoti across South India and being the first company to introduce a calendar system to identify trusted dealers. And so on.

Wind Mills

Yes…we’ve came a long way, indeed! Humble textile units to giant factories to wind mills. Ramraj has spun from success to success. These wind mills help generate eco-friendly, economical power for our factories. This way, we do our bit to make the world a safer place for the future generations. This is our Earth, let’s work together to preserve it. That’s the Ramraj motto ,when it comes to harnessing nature’s resources for man’s benefit. Our wind mills are an extension of this noble creeds.

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Ramraj cotton is one of the India's largest Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cotton,Silk and Linen Shirts and Dhotis and Inner wears for Men and Kids. Saree , Leggings and Inner wear for women. We also do Towel, Hand-kerchiefs,T-shirts, Bed Spreads ,Hammock.We specialize in pure white Shirts and Dhotis! Ramraj Cotton was established in 1983, engaged in business with Indian and International markets for giving quality and valuable products to the Indian lifestyle.