From Simple threads, magical
reams of clothing roll outFrom humble beginnings,
a white Ramarajayam emerges

South Indian Dhoti

The dhoti is the traditional attire for the South Indian male. It has been in vogue since time immemorial with kings, poets and the common man who draped it with grace and finesse. It’s a long piece of white cloth that is wrapped around the waist. Dhoti signifies elegance and poise.

Even in these modern times, dhoti has still not lost its sheen. In fact, it’s significance a formal ethnic wear for men has increased dramatically to recent times. South Indian men still wear the dhoti with great pride in marriages, festivals and so on.

The dhoti is known by different names in different places. Its veshti in Tamil, panche in Kannada, mundu or veshti in Malayalam, pancha in Telugu and so on. But whatever be its name, dhoti is undoubtedly majesty woven in white.

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